About Us

Entrepreneurs Helping Entrepreneurs

For the past 10 years, we have specifically helped and grown health and wellness businesses that were struggling to create their presence and achieve their goals.

Our process is designed to empower, educate, and facilitate your business with proven digital marketing strategies and systems.  

We specialize in ethical and efficient customer service. Talk to us today about how we can catapult your growth, limit your turnover, and support your business with a road-map for success. 


 Owner and Founder Cody Mannix has proven himself as not only an entrepreneur, but one of the most passionate people you will meet.  He is driven by helping others succeed and get better in every aspect of life.  His "why" in life is his mother.  He works so hard so he can take all financial burden off of his mother.  He's surrounded himself by the right people and is in the process of accomplishing his dreams.   "Don't let your past determine who you are today and where you'll be tomorrow". 

"Mr. JBF" "Joseph Benjamin is the COO/CFO making visions become reality.  Joe has built multiple businesses with the founding of one of the country's largest General Contracting Networks, grew his business by 100% each year for 8 years consecutively, before being bought out after hitting the 8 figure mark of revenue.  Taking his business from a 1 man crew to managing over 15 employees and 100 + GC's across the country.  Cody and Joe are best friends and are one anothers yin and yang.   BLP Would not exist without Joe's business skills and ability to see as big as one can dream.  The men are not only best friends, but successful business partners who feed off one another.  Joe lives by acting with integrity and adhering to the 4 agreements by Don Miguel Ruiz as his core principles.

Your Success is Our Success

We were approached with an opportunity to host our first event with the #1 motivational speaker on the planet, Mr. Les Brown.  Not only did we make this happen, but we brought together the entire Tampa community.  Entrepreneurs are who we are.  Our mission is to empower and collaborate with multicultural organizations, groups, individuals and other entrepreneurs with a positive message, providing them with a platform to be seen and heard.  Just ask us and we're there for you.   Let us bring you and your business to the next level of success starting immediately!!